Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Everyone wants to know

Besides from "how are you feeling?" (Answer of the moment, I feel pregnant, How do you think I feel?) people ask me about my plans for work and if we are going to find out the gender.

My plans for work are unknown as of yet. I am still trying to explore and weigh out all of my options. I am hoping to finish out the current school year for sure. Or, if the doctors say that is not possible, then work as long as I can without harming myself or the baby. Next school year is up in the air. I am currently exploring taking a full school year's leave of absence, job sharing, or working part time. Working full time does not seem like an option for me right now. Greg and I would like to be the ones to care for our child. While I am sure there are many wonderful childcare centers in our area, we have chosen not to go that route. When I broached the subject with my boss, I got frustrated with what I perceived as his lack of logic. I decided not to waste my energy so early in the day but I walked away from the conversation feeling unsatisfied and frustrated with what he had to say. Next steps include talking with a human resources person and a union rep to find out all the paper work and legal stuff I need to do to either work part time or have a leave of absence.

Yes, we are going to find out the gender. And yes, we might tell. But then again, we might not. We will see. I think on an intuitive level that we are having a girl. Greg disagrees and I remind him that it's called "mother's intuition". We banter back and forth, but for some reason we easily agreed on a girl's name and can't quite hammer out any boys' names that we both like. Time will tell.

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  1. I love this :) I can't wait to find out either way! And I am coming home in June and August, because I will HAVE to meet the little cherub! :)