Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big Sigh of Relief

We had the ultra sound yesterday. Everything is fine!

I could see both hemispheres of the brain, all four chambers of the heart and bones in the arms, legs, and hands. I could see kidneys, the placenta and umbilical cord, as well as individual vertebrae in the spine and all of the little ribs. The baby was swimming all around and even covering its face with its arm at one point.

They said that everything looked great structurally and size wise! Heart rate was steady and there was adequate blood flow in the umbilical cord. Yay!

I am fundamentally a worrier and so... I worry. I look at the plants in my house which are not doing so well and hope the baby has a better chance. I don't feel movement for a day and I worry. Hello, baby, are you still there? Yesterday the day started off with vomiting fluid, so I worried. (Even though I may be ready to come off this medicine, my body apparently is not! But taking the medicine beats being dehydrated and sick!) But the ultrasound was so reassuring, so comforting. And, oh so very real. That image there on the screen was undeniably, amazingly a wonderful, beautiful, healthy baby. Our baby!


And today, one of my co-workers said I was glowing!


  1. I agree 100 percent!!! You are not the same Tanya and you will be a great mom. Don't compare plants and the love you will have for your new little love. They are drastically different. You will do wonderful. You are already doing what every mom does WORRY. I am sure you don't give that much love and worry to a plant. Hugs to you and Greg.

  2. Hope you get this. But wanted to let you know that the stroller you were looking at online, the one where the handles go either in front, or in back, depending on how you want baby to face you, well its now at Babies R Us. Just thought I would give you the heads up. Looks like a good one too. About time they brought back that kind of stroller too!!