Monday, June 25, 2012

What NOT to say

Here are some things you a non pregnant but well meaning person should avoid saying to a pregnant lady in your life:

"WOW  you look like you are gonna pop any day now!"
Uhhh great thanks,  I still have  more than 7 full weeks to go.

"Well you look like you're due July first!"
Thanks again,  that is a full four weeks ahead of my due date

"You look really tiny,  are you sure there is an actual, healthy baby in there?"
Yup,  I am sure

"Oh wow,  your ankles are really swollen" 
No they aren't actually, today is a good day.   Why are you looking at my ankles?

These few comments all pertain to my size and appearance.  You are not a medical professional.  You do not know my weight gain or fundal height.  My midwife,  who measures these things at each appointment does.  She is tracking them.  She assures me that everything in the measurement department is as it out to be.    This is my second baby.  Things may look bigger or smaller than you expect them to but your comments don't make me feel stellar and don't lead to additional conversation.  And really, why are you looking at my ankles?

A few more comments:
"You have to go to the bathroom again?"
Uhhh actually yes, yes I do.  There is someone the size of a melon snuggling with my bladder.  Do you know what that feels like?

"I can see that you are pregnant, but that doesn't mean that I am going to let you cut me in line" (This was said on a fairly hot day at a public restroom that was relatively crowded).  It should just be noted that I did not ask if I could cut or not.  I did not make assumptions.  I was just standing in line,  minding my own business and trying to not pee on myself!

"Baby care items are located over there" (said by a drugstore worker when I entered the store)
Obviously a pregnant lady is only there to buy diapers and wipes and other baby related items.  I positively do not need any items for personal care, greeting cards or any thing else you sell.

"Does the baby enjoy that food?  
I don't know if she enjoys it or not, she hasn't said. But as soon as she lets me know, I will tell you.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Planning a second birthday

As I anxiously await the arrival of our second daughter, I am also in the process of planning a celebration to honor Madison as she is about to turn 2! It makes me think back to where we were two years ago and makes me think about where she is right now, a month shy of her second birthday.

 Two years ago I was pregnant with her,  probably just as uncomfortable, irritable, and anxious as I am today.  Two years ago I had no idea of the amazing person that she would become.  Two years ago I really was not sure how labor and delivery would go, what kind of mommy I would be or how such a tiny person would totally rock our world.

Madison is awesome.  She is a very caring and compassionate toddler.  She notices when people are upset and takes very good care of her baby.  Her baby doll goes everywhere with her and that doll is well fed and never sitting in a stinky diaper for very long.    Madison is also incredibly smart, she seems to be constantly making connections between people and events.  She tries her best to retell events or stories.  I think (though I may be biased) that she has a longer than average attention span for children her age.  She loves animals and loves to read.  She is affectionate, often cuddling with one of us or blowing kisses, or kissing the pictures of animals in her books.  She is pretty easy going though can be a little shy with other people or in unfamiliar situations. There is not a day that goes by that I am not amazed by her thinking, by her little personality.  She routinely makes us laugh and we can't get enough laughter from her.

Madison is getting ready to be a big sister.  I know it will be a transition for her, but I am curious to see how she will react to the tiny human.  I am curious to see if those loving and nurturing tendencies will carry over.  I am curious to see what she will teach her baby sister and excited to see how much more mature she looks  next to the baby.

I hope that she enjoys her party and the time with the extended family.  I hope I can find a way to make the celebration reflect just who she is and I am excited to plan a special time for her before such a big change takes place.