Saturday, February 20, 2010

that awkward phase

Remember way back when your body was changing? When you started going through puberty? Do you remember feeling so self conscious about your body and not wanting anyone to notice any of those seemingly very obvious changes?

That is kind of where I am these days. I find myself increasingly self conscious about my changing body. I am seeking lose fitting shirts and "flowing" sweaters over them. I feel that I look more fat than pregnant. I suspect that if you saw me and did not know that I was pregnant that you would say I look like I have gained weight.

I probably have gained weight since my last doctor's appointment at the end of January. I am supposed to gain some wight, I am after all pregnant. I just have never been so aware of it, so uncomfortable.

4 more days until the ultrasound and then I see the midwife 2 days after that. Nerves are in full gear.

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