Monday, February 8, 2010

16 weeks!

So four months down and five to go! I am generally excited but still have moments of extreme sucky feelings, mainly debilitating fatigue, nausea and belly pain. But I am working and making it through the school days, sometimes with a nap when I get home and sometimes without. Some days are more difficult than others.

I think I felt the little person move for the first time last week. It was this weird bubbly feeling that only lasted a few seconds and then, as suddenly as it came on, it was gone. It happened one other time over the weekend but I am still not sure if that's indeed what it was.

I am still eating and succeeded in bringing back broccoli and some other vegetables during this past week. In addition to craving ketchup and oven roasted potatoes, I also wanted grapes and apples. Hooray for healthy foods.

I did not meet my intention from last week about bringing back exercise. I really wanted to, I just didn't. I know I should exercise, especially since I was exercising before I got pregnant on a fairly regular basis. Its just that after working all day with little people who cannot meet their own needs, I am tired and I NEED a nap. Which one do I need more, exercise or a nap? More importantly, which one does the baby need me to do more? Anyway hopefully I can try this week to get a little exercise in ( and no, I won't be shoveling!) Oh yeah, does going up 2 flights of stairs every time I need to pee at work count as exercise?

I was also able to not sleep all weekend long. Greg and I went to the book store on Saturday and enjoyed playing a board game later in the day. I did some reading and some school work during the evening and he went to visit his brother. On Sunday, I had lunch with a friend. I even went to the restaurant to pick up the food. I watched some of the super bowl but went to sleep at half time. For a while, I felt really bad for Greg because he would work all week and I was dysfunctional all weekend, not interested or able to do very much of anything. He felt obliged to do lots of care taking and I just felt so crummy. I wanted to hang out with him and to go out but couldn't! Now I am starting to have small bits of activity on the weekend.

So overall, things are going okay. I am hoping to feel more and more movement and less and less nausea and belly pain. I am hoping to exercise at some point.

Stay tuned...

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