Friday, January 27, 2012

Same timing, different pregnancy

I thought this blog was a thing of the past and then there I was, Thanksgiving morning with a positive pregnancy test in my right hand. Found out that the due date is the end of July 2012, right around the same time that Madison will be celebrating her 2nd birthday.

This pregnancy has been more intense than my first. I lost more weight earlier on. I have needed to have both home IV hydration and iv anti-vomiting medicine. It has been a lot harder to take care of myself with Madison being a bright eyed and energetic toddler. As a result, Greg has had to miss a considerable amount of work to take of her because I simply couldn't. That has caused us a lot of stress. My thyroid is out of whack and they wanted me to not only send me a thyroid specialist but also a maternal fetal medicine person to discuss iv nutrition.

I looked through the older posts on this blog and saw a lot of similarities with the timing. January 2010 I was home sick and nervous about going back to work. It was refreshing to read that I did not gain any weight until the second trimester was well underway. I used this blog to back up my decisions not to see the maternal fetal medicine specialist. There were other factors too but I ultimately believe in my body and its ability to grow a healthy baby. We did it once so....

This is week 13, the end of the first trimester. I have gained back 2 of the lost pounds, but obviously have many more to go. I started to show! Friends have brought us dinner a few times, which has been very helpful since the smell of basically anything cooking is extremely nauseating. My mom has helped out with watching Madison for all of my medical appointments. Another friend has been kind enough to drive all the way here with her daughter on a regular basis to help out with Madison so Greg can have a few work hours. I started this morning trying to reduce the iv fluids. Its been a few days since I last vomited. I have been trying to spend time with Madison during the days so Greg can work a bit more. I am eating more than just crackers. Hopefully I start to feel better soon and can resume some more normalcy.

Bring it on, 2nd trimester!