Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mommy blogger?

I never really thought of myself as a mommy blogger.  But I am a mommy and I have a blog.  These days, I use my blogging energy to write about my children: either the one boarding as a uterine passenger or the the one making me laugh throughout the day with her antics.  Does that make me a mommy blogger?

Some of the other blogs I read that are also written by mommies have features that my little old blog does not have.  Some feature photos of the children,  some feature give away contests. Others focus on product reviews and some have advertising and lots of links to recommended websites. Some blogs out there are poorly written and others read like best selling novels.

Recently though, it has come to my attention that some "mommy bloggers" are actually making money by writing their blog.  This is somewhat baffling to me.  How do I turn a simple blog into income?  Where does the income come from exactly?  How often do I need to actually blog to make said income?  I am pretty sure that I need more followers than the 4 I currently have.    I could probably spend some time and energy jazzing it up a bit, but where to go from there and is it even worth it?

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