Monday, May 7, 2012

Start of the 3rd trimester

Thankfully we have made it this far. When I told Greg recently that I wasn't feeling well, he told me that there is only 12 more weeks to go, it's just one more trimester babe!  i don't remember his exact words but they upset me at the time, even though I know he is just trying to supportive and encouraging.

I feel like the first trimester is coming back.  I am nauseous more frequently and I am super exhausted.  I have other ailments too of course but I do not want simply list my ailments and call it a post.  For now,  I am just quietly celebrating the arrival of the third trimester and praying that things go as smoothly as possible from here on out and that the little bean can be healthy.


  1. I just came into my second!!!! It's going by way too fast and I wish so badly it will slow down. Happy 3rd!!! Hope the feeling yucky is short lived. July will be here before you know it. Hugs.

  2. Oh Kiley, I could not disagree more. Time is slowed to a snail's pace! If it gets any slower, I am going to go insane. I think it is different for me this time around though because last time I was teaching which kept me fairly busy and distracted from the pregnancy itself. Anyway, enjoy the second trimester, "they" say it is the "honeymoon period" of pregnancy.

  3. I am feeling it's going so fast because my summer is so much on "limbo" about the move, kids schooling, our house selling, etc. etc. That I am worried things won't get done in time and I will have a new baby before all is settled. So I want it to stop going by so fast so everything has more time to fall into place. I rather be using this good feeling energy on the new house stuff then wasting it cleaning this one just to sell. My time needs to be better spent.