Sunday, May 30, 2010

32 weeks!

Yahooo! Not that I am counting down or anything, but there are only a mere 56 days until the due date! I also know the chance of having your first baby on your due date is slim but still, it's a target.

Difficulties with dressing myself appropriately for work, sleeping and generally finding a comfortable position.

Midwife appointment went smoothly last week. We could hear the difference between her resting and active heartbeat. I still did not gain weight but the midwife is not concerned because the baby appears to be growing just fine. My blood pressure was fine and in 2 weeks, I have to have a repeat anemia screen. I tried to take a liquid supplement but I couldn't get it down. So I am trying to eat lots of iron rich foods to pass the test and avoid taking an iron supplement in pill form. I am reluctant to take the iron in pill form for fear of it reeking havoc on my already sensitive GI tract. We will continue with bi-weekly appointments until the end of June and then its weekly after that.

The baby's room is coming together slowly but surely. The crib arrived and then the mattress came in this past week along with the car seat and stroller. Looking at the car seat made it all seem very real and very rapidly approaching.

We spend our time looking at my belly move and being endlessly surprised and entertained each time it happens. We are both nervous and excited to meet her. She is coming soon enough and then we won't have to guess which part of her just moved by, we will know. I think we manage our emotions differently though but we continue to support each other, which is the most important thing.

Maybe I will get brave enough to post a picture on this blog some day. Until then, happy reading.

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