Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A few weeks ago we went to an open house with some other soon to be new parents to meet with a potential pediatrician. I was inspired by her energy level, considering that she had worked all day and was hosting this info session in the evening.

It was very informative and we were both impressed with what she had to say and the practice itself. Here are a few of the positives:
  • The practice is close by ( less than 10 minutes away)
  • Lactation consultants who make home visits
  • Great hours (including some evenings and weekends at their other location a town over)
  • Separate times of the day for well baby visits and sick kid visits so healthy babies hopefully aren't sitting in the waiting room next to sick ones
  • She didn't freak out too much about the vegan diet
  • Pediatric triage line for late night freak outs and or legitimate concerns
  • Pediatrician has hospital privileges at the hospital we plan to deliver and at Children's
  • She seemed to truly love being a doctor
  • She is a fairly new mom herself so everything is fresh in her mind

All in all, we were liked her a lot and did not find any reason not to go with her. Just an overall good feeling, I felt at ease when we were talking with her so we have to go with that. If it doesn't work out, we can always switch pediatricians later but I'm very confident that it will work out just fine.

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  1. Your gut will definitely tell you for sure. The very first pediatrician we met with was the one we have now. I fell completely in love and have truly been so blessed. If it wasn't for her and her love of children and medicine. I don't think we would ever had the time we did with Anabelle. Good doctors are truly hard to come by. Glad you guys found your perfect match. I would say it ranked up their as one of the stresses of having a baby.