Friday, May 14, 2010

This week at the doctors

Hooray for passing the gestational diabetes test and NOT needing to do a repeat.

Hooray for the uterus being the size it should be for this point in the pregnancy.

Hooray for a very strong rapid baby heart rate in the 160s.

Hooray for my blood pressure still being within normal range, even if it is slightly higher then it was before

Hooray for mild varicose veins and no stretch marks.

Hooray for scheduling all appointments in the afternoon through the end of the school of year.

Concerned for not gaining any weight but the midwife says not to worry until I go back in two weeks. If I haven't gained at that point, they will be concerned. But I worry anyway, I am a worrier. Also I am slightly anemic. They want the test score to be 34 or higher and I was 33.9 Bring on the beans and the fortified cereal for now. The liquid iron supplement that she recommended was nasty beyond belief. I couldn't get it down and puking isn't helpful to either me or Baby Girl Milette.

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