Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 28 and feeling it: Random thoughts

Wow am I tired! I am unbelievably exhausted and it is compunded by the fact that I am having an increased difficulty falling and staying asleep. There are basically two choices for sleeping these days: on one side with heart burn and on the other side with an upset stomach. I haven't tottally mastered sleeping while sitting upright yet, but maybe I should work on that. I sleep for an hour or two at a time and then I get up. I go the bathroom, drink some more water because I have been super thirsty this week, and stretch my legs to avoid leg cramps. By the time I resettle myself in a comfortable position, the little one is doing sommersaults.

I am also having a hard time remembering things. I start sentences and forget what I am going to say. I walk to the fridge with a specific item in mind and have no idea what I went there for.

I took out summer clothes from from the closet that I thought might fit. Final score 7 items returned to closet, 3 items that might still fit in the next 2-3 weeks.

The crib arrived and was assembled today!

I am excited most of the time but sometimes overrun by my emotions. Today at work for example, I was setting up materials for the students to make mothers' day cards for their moms. All of sudden, I was completely paralyzed with fear. I am going to be a mommy very soon and what if I screw it up? What if.... what if... what if? Before too long, I was hysterically crying and then as quickly as the emotional outburst came on, it was gone.

Currently I am at the point where I need to go to the midwife every two weeks. I am also assuming that I past the gestational diabetes test since I haven't heard from the ob/gyn's office since I took the test last week, sot hat is a good thing. There is a huge pile of paperwork to do for the hospital so I am working on that as well.

Meeting some pediatricians next Wednesday.

Stay tuned for updates and more ramblings

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