Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a lovely weekend

Greg and I scooted off to the cape this past weekend. It was lovely. Being the weekend before memorial day, there was less traffic! Almost everything was open and the inn prices were substantially lower than they will be this coming weekend.

He picked me up Friday after work and we were off. We stopped for an early and delicious dinner of veggie sushi about half way down. Once we arrived at our inn, we went for a walk but I was cold and tired so it didnt last too long.

Saturday morning, I woke up ravenous and was unsatisfied after eating the banana we had tagged along with us. It was 7 am and breakfast at the inn was still 90 minutes away. So we were off in search of the vegan crepe place I remembered. I was sorely disappointed to learn that it was no longer there, but there was a new restaurant in its place which had a few vegan offerings. So we ordered breakfast. After a small tofu scramble and breakfast potatoes, I was still hungry! Back at the inn I had some fresh cut strawberries and some apple granola yumminess.

The rest of the day included a trip to the beach, a nap and some shopping. We didn't buy too much anywhere else except for at the toy store! Our daughter has quite a few toys now. We are both ( but especially me) suckers for wooden toys and toys without batteries. We are both a bit giddy. Saturday evening we had a very delicious and unique dinner and spent a relaxing evening playing cards.

We had some difficulty sleeping Saturday night for a whole variety of reasons, but we were both up at 6 on Sunday and at the beach by 630. Awesome. We scooted back to the inn for breakfast and to avoid the small worms that started crawling on us at the beach. We took our time meandering back.

All in all, it was a lovely wonderful relaxing weekend, away from a long list of chores and to-do lists here at the home base. Greg is awesome, super accommodating of all my weird pregnancy needs and amazingly patient, kind and supportive.

Kudos to him


  1. Suffering from the wonderful "nesting" yet? Agh it's amazing what one can accomplish, or as jason tells me, he can accomplish when I am pregnant. Glad to hear your doing well and had a peaceful weekend. Minus the worms.


  2. No nesting really. Greg has it worse than I do!