Sunday, January 24, 2010

35% Done!

14 weeks today. Greg said if I said 7/20 of the way done that the fraction would confuse people. We are both very eager to meet our little someone.

Even though the midwife said that I could go back to work, I am still having stomach pains and extremely low energy. But every once in a while hunger continues to make surprise appearances. I am also used to operating at 110 mph most of the time, so being low energy and tiring easily is relatively new for me.

Tomorrow I go back to work for the first time since 2010 started. It has been 3 weeks, which isn't too long for most people, but an eternity for the under 5 set. I still think it will be a challenging day and probably a challenging week. I am hoping that is bearable and that I am able to keep up with regular eating, keep the vomiting at bay and not lose any of the weight I worked so hard to gain.

My coworkers are funny people. Not funny haha, but funny odd and possibly in need of social skills training. At least two people have emailed me tasks to do while I have been home or asked if I could do those tasks for them when I returned. My principal emailed me and said nothing except "your class misses you terribly" He didn't address the email or even bother to sign his name. One person sent me a get well card with a handwritten message of "I miss seeing you in the bathroom". "Get well soon" usually works pretty well. And really, if you know someone who is out sick for an extended period of time, DO NOT email them tasks to do. Okay, I am going to try to keep the rant to a minimum.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

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