Friday, April 2, 2010

Almost 24 weeks update!

Last Friday I went to an appointment with the midwife. When the nurse gave me the cup to pee in, I took into the bathroom. I did my business and turned around there was the cup, empty with my name on it. I've been going to the Ob/Gyn office now for nearly 6 months and every time they ask me to pee in the cup. I couldn't believe that I forgot! The nurse reassured me and said that sometimes it just happens and that I could go before I left.

I sat on the exam table waiting for the midwife. And then eventually I was a little uncomfortable so I decided to lay down, just for a few minutes. I have no idea how much time went by, but I do know that I woke up from a sound sleep when the midwife came in! I was a little embarrassed yet again, but she said she sees it all the time and that I was sleeping because I needed to.

Anyway, I have actually gained weight! I am up a full five pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I never would have imagined that those 5 pounds can make such a difference in the way I feel. It is only 5 pounds after all and most people fluctuate in their weight anyways. Some days I feel better than others. Some days I just simply feel ginormous.

Next visit will include gestational diabetes testing and an injection of Rogan. Rogan is a medication given to women with my blood type (o negative) in the event that the baby's blood comes in contact with mine. Without the medicine, my body will immediately start to produce antibodies and try to reject the baby. Future children are more at risk than the current one apparently. I keep saying to Greg that any siblings of this baby will be adopted, but I guess the injection is to err on the side of caution, you know, just in case.

The weather is finally getting warm and dry enough for skirts and dresses. I am so comfortable today in a long sleeved purple t shirt dress that I am nearly tempted to draw a huge smiley face on belly! The baby is very active. I am beginning to feel movements in two places at the same time as well as occasional hiccups. I still don't really like it when people touch my belly, and I like it even less when its someone I don't even have a close relationship with, like the lunch lady at school.

Oh yeah, and since I work with a bunch of older women, they apparently feel entitled or obligated to comment daily on my changing body. Here are some of the latest comments from this week at school: " Oh, you are starting to fill out" "Hey you are really starting to show", "Oh...(silent awkward pause) WOW". And from my principal "Wow, you really cannot deny it now". So I am almost 6 months pregnant, my body should be changing. The comments are uncomfortable to receive because I certainly would not talk to the majority of these people about my body otherwise. I don't make comments about their bodies: " Hmm it looks like your double chin has turned into a triple, do you mind if I touch it?" or " hey thanks for commenting on my changing appearance yet again. I noticed it looks like you have gained more weight than I have, how is that going for you?" Those would be inappropriate comments, right?

Anywyay, Greg and I are off for a romantic weekend! Happy Easter!

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