Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week 27

I think my dear friend nausea is making a comeback and I am not too excited about our reunion.

Other things that are bothering me this week
my low back
occasionally intense leg cramps
occasional difficulty finding a comfortable sleep position
I resorted to wearing one of Greg's t-shirts yesterday. But, hey, if the shirt fits....
And i think I have felt the very first practice contractions, not joyful

Things I am happy about or looking forward to:
Greg and I finally agreed on and ordered the bureau for baby's room
meeting our little sweetie
watching greg as he feels the baby kick. his whole face just lights up
prenatal massage!


  1. Glad to hear your doing well. Sad to hear your sick again. Hot water bottles help with the extreme lower back pain/leg pain I get. Try it out. See if it helps with easing things.

    Ahhh, nothing better then wearing Hubby's clothes. I too am a "hubby T-shirt wearing" kind of gal. They are comfortable and I don't have to feel guilty about shopping for new clothes that I am only going to wear for a few months.

    Wish hubby could feel this monkey move. Heck, wish I COULD feel this monkey move. I am going to be talking to my doctor about this next visit. Seriously brings back to many worried moments for me when I was pregnant with Anabelle.

    Hugs to you both.

    Miss ya


  2. Hot water bottles, or actually, a pillowcase filled with dry rice and microwaved for 5 minutes. it conforms to your body anywhere you put it, and you can make it as hot as you want. i used it for sore back, sore legs and sore chest at various times.

    And first contractions? they are early - that sounds unpleasant.