Monday, July 9, 2012

I can't wait to meet you

Dear Sweet Daughter,

Your dad and I are so excited to meet you.  You gave us some signals last weekend that you were ready to make your debut but apparently you decided you weren't quite ready yet.  That's okay sweetheart,  we know we will get to hold you in our arms very soon.  

Dad and I are busy trying to get things all set for your arrival.  We have cooked some meals and frozen them so that our first week with you can be as smooth as possible.  I have washed a lot of your clothes and have folded and organized them by size.  Hopefully this week I will finish washing your diapers and back your bag for the hospital.  Dad  has been frantically researching room dividers as he currently uses your room as his office.  Even your big sister Madison has been helping us get ready for you.  She put the newborn diapers in your drawer and helped me pick out your changing mat.  We have installed your infant seat in the car and Madison talks about you every time she goes in the car.

I am still feeling you move around inside of me.  I think you are very strong and often wonder if you will have a spirited personality.  Sometimes I think you punctured my bladder or broke a rib.  Dad loves looking at my stomach and watching one of your small feet or pointy little elbows float by.  He says it never gets old and I have to agree with him on that.  Big sister Madison can't quite sit still long enough to feel you move,  but I am sure you hear her talking and singing all day long.  

I am hoping that when you do make your debut, that it is a smooth one.  I trust you and I trust my body.  I know you already know how to be born and my body already knows how to give birth so that is a winning combination right there.  I pray each day that you are healthy inside of me and that you are getting all that you need.  I try to balance life's craziness with quiet moments when I can.  My quiet moments are your moments, times when you like to stretch, roll and jump.  I hope you arrive quickly but not so quickly that Daddy catches you on the side of the road en route to the hospital.  

I love you and am looking forward to your birthday
P.S.  You do have a name by the way and we say it all the time to you but it is not yet public information

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