Monday, April 2, 2012

A whole month?!?!

I really do not know what happened. I kept thinking that I really should get online and update the blog. I kept thinking that and time just slipped away. So here are a few quick updates:

Decreased the anti vomiting medicine to just once a day. I don't feel any better or worse. The first few days were pretty rough and I still feel lousy in the late afternoon. That's just my "fading fast" time I suppose. With Madison, I would get home from school, eat a snack and then immediately nap for a good solid hour whenever I could.

Back to my starting weight plus ( as of this past Friday) a few extra pounds:)

I had my first prenatal massage of this pregnancy last week and it was amazing. For a few hours, I wasn't sore or achy. There are not a lot of massage therapists in my area who are actually certified in prenatal massage. I feel lucky to have found the right person for me during this time period. She does not use the table with the belly cut out of it and instead uses lots of pillows. The belly hole table freaks me out. Her information is here in case any of you are interested.

I hope to sign up for a prenatal yoga class soon or get back to walking regularly. We had a burst of warm weather a few weeks back but since then its been seasonal or cold and I haven't felt like walking

So far we are at an impasse for naming this little one.

Okay well miss Madison is up singing from her nap. Hopefully another whole month won't pass without an update

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