Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Breathing easier

The anatomy scan was last week and this week I just feel so much better, less anxious for sure. Less anxiety means better sleep so hooray for that.

The doctor's name was Dr. Bundy. As in Al. Cue the theme song to the old television show, Married with Children. I had a few funny jokes I thought about cracking but smirked at Greg instead and kept them to myself, at least until the Dr. left the room. I am sure he has heard his fair share of jokes anyway and did not need my commentary.

I was anxious to get started with the highlight of the visit anyway, seeing our little someone and finding out if everything looked okay. Though I was slightly uncomfortable on my back, I was more interested in what we saw on the screen than my discomfort. Right away, two little feet appeared. The doctor talked us through the whole thing and told us all the measurements he was taking. The baby appeared to be sucking a thumb, just like big sister Madison. The heart had both ventricles, the umbilical cord was working as it should. The spine and bones were all visible. The hemispheres of the brain were intact.

It is absolutely breath taking. There on the screen in front of me is this little person, this little life that my husband and I created. He missed the anatomy scan with Madison because he was at the 2010 olympics so I think it was even more magical for him. The doctor left the room, we made a few jokes and I shifted positions. The doctor returned and rechecked all his measurements. Turns out the baby is measuring a bit small for the age but not enough to warrant concern or push the due date back. The baby measured a few days off from the due date, but less than a week, which is within the margin of error anyways.. My own ob was not particularly concerned and recommended a follow-up ultra sound around seven months.

I am surprisingly not worried. Madison was a few days late. I was sick at the beginning of this pregnancy for a long time. Greg and I are smallish people ourselves. And all the major things are present and looking good, even if they are small. As my mom would say, "good things come in small packages."

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