Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The elusive top

I have been on the search for a professional looking, interview worthy maternity dress shirt. My suit jacket will no longer button over the baby, so I will be wearing just a pair of black pants and a dressy shirt. I thought that procuring this top would be relatively easy.

Off I treked to several local maternity clothing stores. One large chain store that has a maternity department offered only t shirts and tank tops and other summery, very casual clothing. Sure the jeans fit nicely, but no work appropriate tops were to be had. At motherhood maternity, the two quasi acceptable shirts were actually quite hideous. Prints and empire waists. I would not wear the particular prints or the style of shirt pre-pregnancy so I certainly am not going to wear it now. I even checked the clearance section because I was hoping to find a long sleeved shirt since it is still chilly here. I flipped through racks of several ugly sweaters but came up empty handed. My last stop was the outlet mall. I was disappointed to learn that the stores there do not carry maternity clothes and the one maternity store that was there was replica of the motherhood store I had already visited. Not to mention the fact that it reeked of body odor. Most pregnant women I know have a heightened sense of smell. Body odor is gross anyway and even worse when you are pregnant.

I did not have enough time to order from an online maternity store. And I get frustrated with that too. Many of the models on some of those websites do not even look pregnant. I understand that they are models, but at least strap on one of those fake belly things if you are modeling maternity clothes.

So the options were go to a regular store and try on a few shirts in a bigger size or try to work with what I had at home. Disenchanted with my shopping experiences, I decided to try on some of my clothes at home. I found a button down shirt that I bought during my first pregnancy that fits decently. It is not a maternity shirt but is cut a little on the lose side and falls a little longer on me. It will be weird to interview in something other than my well fitting black suit, but hopefully my qualifications and personal skills outshine any wardrobe blunders.

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