Monday, July 26, 2010

Numbers, emotions, and still pregnant

3 out of 5 couples from our natural childbirth class have had their babies already! We are not one of those three! 2 of those 3 couples were do a week ahead of us and the other one shared our due date. Once all of the little ones have been born and there is some reasonable recovery time, we are planning a potluck get-together. I was excited to hear from and even more tickled at seeing the pictures that they sent over. Then, emotions being what they are at this point, I was a little more than sad that our sweetie hasn't arrived just yet. 1001 "what-ifs" raced through my mind faster than I could even voice all of them.

I tried to keep myself busy: there were phone calls to my family, you tube distractions, shopping and browsing a local farm stand, trip to the gym pool, a movie, reading, board games, a book store run and watching Baby Girl Milette continue to find space to dance around. Still my mind wandered back to : Is it today? what about now? Is that a REAL contraction? Greg was fabulously calm. He helped me to find distractions, answered my questions in a reassuring and confident way, helped me into whatever position I thought would be comfortable and spent a fair amount of time talking to her. I love when he talks to her, it just makes me melt.

Speaking of melting, the weekend was disgustingly hot and humid so that probably did not help my restlessness. Today is warm but with no humidity and breezy. The breeze feels amazing and I have been appreciating it all day. I am, at this point, still pregnant. I am ready, a bit anxious ,and hoping she is ready to join us soon.

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  1. Ahhhhh the wait. It sucks doesn't it. You hate to make plans because it would suck to be far away and something happens. But sitting around doing nothing is even worse.

    Sounds to me like a trip to the pool is in order. Good day to relax and swim. Thankfully the weather is nice which is so needed after the hot humid days we have had.

    Hugs sweetie.