Sunday, July 18, 2010

The baby's name is....

Ok I am really not telling. My family is slightly obsessed with the game "Guess the baby's name". I told Greg this morning that I am about ready to say yes to everything they suggest. And alternate that with other random words, like "el sacapuntas" and whatever other nonsense comes into my mind at the time. In addition to endless rounds of "guess the name" they are also obsessively playing "guess the birthday" and "guess the weight". I know everyone is excited to meet her and most days I am glad for the enthusiasm but sometimes when we are all together and everyone is shouting out names or birthdays its a little annoying. And not to mention the fact that I don't have control over when she will actually be born!

Today is 39 weeks gestation, which is amazing. Anytime now is good for me, little one. Everything was okay on Friday at the midwife appointment and I even managed to gain a little weight. She went over when to call the office and checked to make sure everything was ready. She also told me I needed to make appointments for week 40 and week 41. The appointment for week 41 falls on our five year anniversary. I really would hope to not be pregnant then, but again it is not in my control.


  1. Glad to hear your doing so well. Ahhh, the name game, the weight game, the when will she arrive game. I hear ya. They are all fun, but sometimes you want the "How is mommy feeling game" Sometimes they forget about you and are so focused on baby that your presence doesn't exist.

    Wow, hard to believe its been 5 years!! It just goes by so quickly doesn't it. Are you guys doing anything special or planning anything. With a little one possibly heading into the world, or already here, I am sure its hard to think of anything major to do.

    Enjoy the rest of the week my dear. Try not to let the terrible heat get to you. I know I am struggling.

    Hugs to you both.

  2. Hey, Well back in the day (about a year ago) we started planning a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate 5 years. We planned to buy our tickets after the holidays. Before we even made it to the holidays though, we found out that we were expecting Baby Girl Milette.

    So since we don't know exactly when she is arriving, we have no major plans. If she is here by then and I pray that she is, we will probably spend most of the day looking at her in utter amazement. If she isn't here by then, I will probably be begging the midwife to get her OUT!

    Plenty of people ask how I am feeling. That gets old too. Basically, I am not so good at WAITING....

  3. I KNOW THE FEELING!!!! Especially when its your first. Remember those days not long ago when I was about done being pregnant with Olivia and was ready for her to just come already. Then they grow up to be 7 and it makes you sad that all that time just flies by in a blink.

    This time around, with only 6 weeks left. I am not at all ready, prepared or in a hurry. Shocking for me to say the least. Usually I am on my A GAME but this time, after just having Ezme less then a year ago. I am in panic mode and scared to death of the birth. Who knew.

    I finally managed to get a "few" and I stress "FEW" things done for arrival. But honesty, this baby might be coming home in a diaper and sleeping in a dresser drawer :-)

    You could always try natural ways of inducing labor. There are teas and herbs, and of course the old fashion way. I wont go into details.

    Just think of it this way. The more time she is inside you, the longer you have of her still being a newborn. Because once she arrives, the time just slips through your fingers.


  4. I dreamt that I went to visit you after she was born and you wouldn't let me see her. You and Greg and I just sat in the kitchen chatting. You told me you named her Crete after the island ('cause islands aren't and then just suddenly are, Greg explained) but were spelling it Kreate, cause your both creative and want her to be, too...
    I am quite sure that this is not what you are naming her, but had to share anyhow.