Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weeks 14 and 15

Progress is slow. Time is even slower, I feel like I have been pregnant forever already and we have not even reached the half way mark yet.

  • At the appointment last week with my midwife, their scale showed I gained 4 pounds. I was nervous about gaining 4 lbs in two weeks but she said its fine since I am still just trying to gain back all that was.
  • Tapering the IV hydration. Down to just half a liter a day
  • Also trying to taper the IV zofran, with the goal of getting this thing out of my arm
  • Spending time with Madison again during the day so Greg can work
  • Some creative energy is returning as well
  • Was able to make it out of the house and to my sister in law's baby shower all by myself
  • Still many food aversions and smell sensitivities
  • Heartburn
  • Finding a comfortable position for resting/sleeping
  • Drinking water throughout the day
  • Shortness of breath ( already?!?!)
  • Round ligament pain
  • Low energy on a good day, down right exhausted most of the time
Random other things:
  • Realized that the next time I see Madison's pediatrician for a well child check, I will have another baby with me
  • Really want to be somewhere warm so I can swim. The idea of gym pool sounds repulsive to me right now (when the warm weather comes they take the roof off which makes it more bearable)

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